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We provide incomparable patented platform for users to achieve product lifecycle supervision and control with internet of things (IoT).


Product lifecycle management for any stage -- owners can manage their things, such as organizing or controlling the product. Plus much more!


Product lifecycle security include tracing a product from manufacturer to end-user, tracing to the source, communicating to each other, and much more.


Product lifecycle verification for industries and consumers to prevent counterfeit products, missing goods, theft, verify ownership and much more.


Product lifecycle analytics for manufacturers, industries and consumers or owners to understand their products' abilities...and (you guessed it) much more.

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What is "GUEST"? GUEST is our goal of: Global Unique Efficient Safe Things

Who is "GUEST"? GUEST is you and whom benefit and enjoy our: Global Unique Efficient Safe Things

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About us

We provide unique platforms and solutions for you to achieve our mission: Everything is in your control

Who We Are

Zhenuine is a startup based in New York City. We focus on providing a unique cloud platform for owners in any stage to manage their products, achieving optimal product lifecycle management.

What We Do

We provide our patented technologies for industry and individual needs. This includes product management, tracking, verification, privacy protection, data security, ownership rights transfer and much more.

Why Choose Us

Our platform is a unique solution to solve problems such as brand protection, ownership protection, anti-counterfeit, and more capabilities. Our user-controllable product adds value and enhances the life of any product, allowing consumers to enjoy the product without worry.

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